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25+ Years of Excellence in Education

Preparing Students For a Successful Future.

ThrivePoint High School is a FREE charter school that offers an excellent alternative opportunity for high school completion with flexible schedules.

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About Our High School

We Have Faith In Our Student’s Future

ThrivePoint is thrilled to announce its forthcoming arrival in Oklahoma, where we will provide a unique, flexible, and rewarding educational experience for students in grades 9 – 12. Our self-paced curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who wish to personalize their high school journey, whether by accelerating their progress or taking more time to grasp a subject. We understand the importance of offering flexibility and providing accessible resources to students in the 21st century. That’s why our dedicated educators have worked tirelessly to develop a model that caters to all students. Stay tuned as we prepare to bring this exceptional educational opportunity to Oklahoma!

Summer School

Follow Your Path

For students that break the mold, ThrivePoint High School frees you to create your own path.

Here to help you succeed

Discover ThrivePoint Oklahoma

Unleash Your Potential, Ignite Your Future

ThrivePoint is an esteemed tuition-free public charter school option that is soon to arrive in the great State of Oklahoma. With a remarkable track record of success spanning over 25 years in education, ThrivePoint has garnered widespread acclaim in Arizona for its unwavering commitment to student success. We are proud to bring our expertise and dedication to academic excellence to the students of Oklahoma.

Accredited Curriculum

Multiple in-person and online high school classes to choose from that will boost student engagement, motivation, and enable each student to meet their individual learning needs.

Fine Arts

Language Arts



Social Studies


Pathways and Programs

At ThrivePoint, we understand that every student is unique and has diverse learning needs. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of pathways and programs designed to cater to various learning styles. Whether you prefer online, hybrid, on-campus, independent learning, or homeschool options, we have a program that suits you. Our high school students can choose the learning environment that best supports their educational journey, ensuring they receive an education tailored to their individual needs.

Personalized Education

Academic Achievement

Responsible Citizens

Effective Communicators

Empowering Students to Achieve Their Dreams

We understand that parents play a pivotal role in their child’s education. That’s why we believe it is crucial for parents and students to align themselves with a program that is focused on future achievement. At ThrivePoint, we recognize the significance of parents’ choice in selecting an educational institution that best supports their child’s goals and aspirations. By choosing ThrivePoint, parents are investing in a program that is dedicated to their child’s success, and together, we can create a collaborative and supportive environment that fosters growth and achievement.

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